Etching Technical & Equipment Capabilities

Production Capacity: Over 40 Tons/Monthly

Technical Dimension Guidelines

Min Hole Diameter : 1.35 x Sheet

Min Land Area : 1.0 x Sheet Thickness

Hole Tolerance : +/- 0.03 – 0.05mm


Equipment Capabilities

Pre-treatment machine(14m )— 3 Lines

Coating machine( Wet Film )—4 Lines

Exposure Line—5 Units

Developing Line—2 Units

Etching Line (each 36m)—3 Lines

2.0 D measuring instrument machine—4 Units

Microscope—2 Units

Salt spray test machine—1 Unit


Stamping Technical and Equipment Capabilities

Tooling Capability

Dimension tolerance: ±0.007mm

Blanking range: 0.04-3.0mm

Min pilot hole: φ0.08

Lifetime: 300 million times

Stamping speed: 60-1500SPM/min

Equipment Capabilities

High speed Stamping Machine, 30 TON, 14 Sets

High speed Stamping Machine, 35 TON, 5 Sets

High speed Stamping Machine, 40 TON, 2 Sets

High speed Stamping Machine, 60 TON, 1 Sets

High speed Stamping Machine, 110 TON, 1 Sets


Precision Silicone Technical & Equipment Capabilities

Equipment Capabilities

Compression Molding Machine, 200 TON, 4 Sets

Compression Molding Machine, 250 TON, 66 Sets

Compression Molding Machine, 100 TON, 8 Sets

LSR Injection Machine, 15 Sets

Plastic Injection Machine, 16 Sets

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