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Best brush factory

Best brush factory

About IBH Technology Limited
IBH Technology Limited, having its headquarters location at Office No.3 10/F Witty Commercial Building 1A-1L Tung Choi Street, Mongkok. Kowloon HongKong.

The factory, located in Shenzhen has been founded with the intend to be, the domestic’s largest R&D center and production facility, of speciality Brush products, for industrial and commercial application, to serve our customers world-wide.

Our Company aims to be a leading developer and manufacturer of custom brushes such as medical brushes, ESD brushes, anti-static brushes and more.

IBH Technology Ltd has advance and high precision testing instruments; including a reliability lab. With ISO 9001,ISO14001 & ISO18000 certification, we can ensure that your requirements meet our stringent quality standard each and every time.

IBH Technology Ltd stands for International Business Harmony.
This abbreviation, IBH, reflects the company’s core value in the way we conduct our business. The Harmonious business dealing with all the suppliers and customers towards a mutually beneficial relationship.

At IBH, Corporate Social Responsibility is all about developing a business model that not only creates a ethical economic value and also contributes to a harmonious environment.


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