Thin Metal Parts and Components for Electronic

Wide variety of thin metal parts and components for the Consumer and Micro Electronics marketplaces

•  Electronic Circuit Board
•  Lead Frames
• Stencils
• Masks
• Springs
• Contacts
• Connectors
• Dials & Pointers
• Circuit Testing Probes
• Sensor Components
• Switches
• Electrical Interconnects

Photo Etching Automotive Parts

Common Automotive Photo Etched Parts Using the Photochemical Etching Process
Electronic Connectors            Filtration (Oil Control Valve Filter)

Fuel Cell Frames                      Fuel Cell Screens

Fuel Cell End Caps                  Clutch Spring

Contacts                                   Spacer Washers

Filters for Fuel Injectors          Damper Shims

Encoder Disks                          Heat Exchanger Plates

Lead & Covers                         Name/Logo Tags

Aerospace and Military Precision Parts

BeCu EMI shielding strips, conductive elastomers, wire mesh, filters, honeycomb vents, board level shielding, metalized fabric shielding, and conductive foam.

Shielding options for circuit board applications include:

Shielding Strips
Custom EMI Shields
Connector Gaskets
Expansion Slot Gaskets
Conductive Elastomers
Wire Mesh
Shielded Air Filters,Honeycomb Vents
Metalized Fabric,Conductive Foam


High Precision Metal Components to Industry

• Spin Pack Filters
• Seals
• Particle Sizing Screens
• Fluid Controls
• Strainers
• Contacts
• Connectors
• Dials
• Pointers
• Support Mesh
• Sieves
• Springs
• Pin Holes
• Spacers
• Shims

Instrumentation Application

• Apertures
• Fluidic Channels
• Gas Filtration
• Light Filtration
• Liquid Filtration
• Masks
• Spacers
• Mesh
• Dials & Pointers
• EMI/RFI Shields
• Pin Holes (fluids, gases, light)
• Springs and Spring Contacts
• Sensors
• Interconnects
• Flexible Circuits

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